Men’s Health

“I decided to include men in my integrative holistic medicine practice in 2006.  Many men had asked if I would work with them, and I had declined.  At one point a husband of a patient I was working with for osteoporosis asked that I work with him saying that I had improved his wife’s condition appreciably and would I consider working with his health issues.

Deciding to treat men was the beginning of another successful aspect of my integrative holistic practice.  I also have now included teens as well.  Many of these young people require help with such issues as ADD/ADHD, acne, mood issues, fatigues, and hormones balance.”

Many men come to see Dr. Warshowsky because their wives, girlfriends, or mothers come as patients.  Often, men come for some of the same reasons that women do such as hormones, thyroid, chronic illness, digestive problems, and weight loss.  Many men feel better after they have had their hormones tested and begin protocols to balance hormones or start taking bio-identical hormones.